Readings by Bloo1

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My name is Maurie (Tata/Laurie). I work with archangels such as, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Miguel/Michael. My parents are St. Anne (Anaisa Pye/Santa Pye/Cristina M.) and St Charles of Borromeo (San Carlos). I only work with white magic. I am a Claircognizant (with retrocognition and precognitive abilities) psychic seer who predicts the future. Let me help guide you into a nice future :).

My mission is to support good causes; especially as Archangel Michael/Miguel while in trance. I want to defend against injustice, illnesses, and negative energies/entities.

Please donate for a good cause(s)

I'm ShanGOyansa herself, La Virgen de la Altagracia, y Maitresse Erzulie Freda/Dantor, also Kali

Will send a reading in return for your donation, light candles (pure good magic only), etc

Thank you & I hope you enjoy your stay!