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Reading was incredibly accurate. She was able to pick up on my feelings, my husband’s feelings, and the dynamic between us. She mentioned several specific details that fit for our situation and it really gave me clarity. She was also kind and responsive and I felt no judgment from her. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a love reading! -KB

Thank you so much, Azul.

I really don’t think I’ve met someone that has predicted this scenario as well as you. If anything, I feel relieved. Thank you again, I appreciate it so much. You are so good. -CE

So far just about every prediction you gave me over the years have come to pass with the exception of two that are pending. I wish I would have paid more attention to the readings you gave between X and I. I had difficulty determining who would be who, but the end result is the end result and that is what I should have paid attention to. I should have listened to you.

Thank you again for all your help. - MB

Wow! You have hit the nail on the head.

Person A cheated and I ended the relationship. Years later he wants to date me but is still ‘friends’ with the woman he cheated with. I refuse to let him into my life because of that.

There is a strong physical attraction but there is no substance behind his good looks. The relationship has ended for me but I know he will try to return because he always does.

Thanks so much!

Spot on! - LH

OMG, this is so accurate! I do have a long term partner, who has cheated on me in the past, but for some other reason I cannot simply leave him now. I'm not proud of myself for getting involved with another man while in a relationship (actually nothing happened yet), but I got attached to this new guy really fast, and I'm interested to see where this could go. - FD

Btw, that is soooo creepy about "Mike"! That is the guy I work with...! I will be careful! -Vradec

Thank you so much empressmendez, hmm I was fearful that my be the case. I shall watch this space shall we say. I think it’s time to let go and let god. I shall keep you updated as to what unfolds. Thank you so much Love Sam

Thank you, EmpressMendez You've described my feelings toward his past actions. I think it's reasonable for a person to feel betrayed and heartbroken when finding out her partner somewhat cheated. It's "somewhat" because the action is flirting online with one woman, and he met another woman during his vacation whom he still keeps contact as friend. He later admitted that he was a player and he wasn't a good match for me as I needed someone a little bit more conservative and grounded. You're correct at that he wants to avoid arguing at all cost. He said to me "there's more things to concern than women issues", which sounds like he doesn't care at all and wants to "stay separate" from me. -Hana

The Reading was good, slightly different question than what I asked but nevertheless in depth reading which shed some light on what could happen in the future. Very prompt readings! Thank you! -Beth

Thanks for shedding that nice light on the subject EmpressMendez, i feel she is seeing another but she would end up rather bored with this fellow, your right i do love her, i just dont think she loves me which i can not understand...cheers darl ill sort you a good reference... -Barry

Thank you so much! I appreciate the clear and concise reading about what I will be doing. That all sounds wonderful and what I want to do. The writing thing is spot on. I have a blog where I started to do that and now I’m going to pick that back up and put more loving energy into it. I appreciate your honest, intuitive, and uplifting reading. Best wishes to you EmpressMendez! Much Love & Blessings. -Kelly E

Hi thank you so much for your insight. You have confirmed a lot of things for me and i feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Blessings

Hello EmpressMendez Thank you so much for my reading. You have given me peace of mind and something to look forward to. I always seem to attract men that are only looking for one thing. I have tried affirmations but men from my past kept coming back lol Thank you for this insight, you have been brilliant. Lots of love to you x

Hi your Majesty I’m really (happily) surprised by this reading, for I was really considering becoming a nun! But yeah, in my past I have two men who turn away from me for “I can’t handle being love” reasons, I guess one of them can come back, and I’ll try to not hold a grudge but it may not be easy I am really mean when I feel like I have wasted potentially pleasant times... (I had many loss in my family so I value every moment and I’m upset easily with “waiting”) Thank you very very much for your reading, have a nice week! Hugs

Thank you for the reading. I know who you are talking about. I had broken up with this ex as he was already with another woman. Also you are right that I won't be interested in any patch up. I am sure good things will come as time passes by and I get rid off people from the past. I wish you a pleasant day ahead. Lots of love and light Filza

Thank you so much for doing this reading. I am hoping that knowing this will help me move forward, which has clearly been challenging for me! -Gtaylor

Dear Azul,

Let me first write to you by saying a big thank you for your incredible predictions on my love life with a man that I met and ended up in a long drawn out relationship. We spoke on bitwine together and I see you have left bitwine since. I reread your transcript and by god all those predictions were accurate. 

Though your reading style at the time made it hard to know which one would do what, it definitely looking back, made sense. You even saw the pregnancy between us. Now almost 18 months later I would absolutely love to hear more of your predictions on this and my love life going forward. Bless you and please write me back!

Thank you again and hope to hear from you soon! love and light, Minthaka

Hi Empress,

Although it didn't turn out so well for me, your prediction was spot on. I was emotionally moody the entire year because of this. As you mentioned, an "ex" returned. I tried to get closure (or renew), but our conversation was very abrupt and immature. In the end, no relationship happened. You were very spot on about the time.

So! You're spot on once again!!!

The one you described from my past that would contact me soon - did happen! I would have never thought about it!

We dated 11 years ago lol And basically back then he was already in a long term relationship - on n off. And of course he didn't let me know. .. found out years later where we kept our relationship on a friendship basis. So our last contact was 8 years ago! Now he's married to the same lady.

But it seems so surreal!! I was shocked! I still can't understand why on earth he contacted me after so many years?! And married!!!

It was indeed a karmic relationship - and unfinished business always comes up no matter how many years later.

I still don't get it though lol

It was important to me to share it with you!!! Thank you again!!!

Hi E,

I am sorry if my writing was confusing.

No it was the same man! The one you said that I shared very strong feelings in the recent past... I got back together with the same man. You had predicted that many months ago as well, that I would remain with the same man. I couldn't see that coming at that point of time but you were again SPOT ON!

I hope it does last as you predicted :)

Thank YOU so much!!!



The Empress is always amazing. On point with what's going on at the moment and her predictions have always resonated for me. Thank you Azul....take care. We will talk soon. - Lina

She is very honest in everything she says! I really recommend her. :) - User_q44

Amazing Azul - User_jgnpe2

Oh wow!!!!!! You are dead on!!!!! Thanks sooooo much!! This is so helpful.


Connected to me with very little information given.. Very detailed reading/ predictions


Amazing as always!!!! Never sugar coats, which I so appreciate. Very detailed and accurate as per usual. I've been coming to her for some time and she her predictions always come to pass. Thank you again my friend. xo


Her previous readings are spot on, therefore I come back! :)


Very excellent reading! :) I am very impressive on all the details/information given to me and is all in full paragraphs. Please try the predictions/full reading and not go for per minute one. It's so worthwhile and I will come back for more. This is really awesome! She will make sure that all is clear and no doubts. Try her and won't regret. :)))) lots of thanks!!!!!!!!


Amazing as always!!!! Never sugar coats, which I so appreciate. Very detailed and accurate as per usual. I've been coming to her for some time and she her predictions always come to pass. Thank you again my friend. xo


Many a times she has been accurate to the exact date..that has amazed me to no ends..things are unfolding like she saw for any POI I talked about


Azul is my friend and confidant. Her predictions have always been and continue to be accurate.She is simply amazing...believe me, even if it doesnt make sense.....wait for it, It will definitely makes sense with it resonates. She is kind and patient and gives detailed info. Thank you my friend!!!! we will talk soon. I wanted to update; predictions have already started to come to pass (as per usual). She has always been 100% accurate with me.


Thank you for always being patient with me through all my questions and issues :) you are the BEST !!!


Thank you very much. We are currently together but we haven't seen each other for almost 2 weeks now because of his work schedule. We had a talk a few days, he said we should meet up to talk but never really set up an exact date. So you're right! I am feeling a bit sad and nervous at the same time. Update! I ended up seeing L tonight. He asked me to go out for dinner last minute. Thanks again


I went to a hospital around the date (like one week before) but they didn't help me because was too full and I didn't wait.I had some problems on my stomach but is all right, right now

Thanks a lot!!Wow 3 months makes a lot of sense! Doctor said between 1 more month or 3 months! Let's see what happens


There is some distance between us. The blockages and stressed out must be me. Another female, he has a lot of female friends. Three months ago around the 28th was his birthday. He works from home a lot. Many thanks.


Haha awesome read!! He is a fire sign indeed!before the whole argument happened a month ago, we were very adventurous together- going on spontaneous trips, discovering new places and trying new things. I hope all these negativity between us will pass and we will enter a new phase.

Number 6....hmmm. My birthday is on the 6th.

Thanks a lot!!


This sounds exactly what we are going through.

Yes we want to be more than friends, yes we struggle and can be defensive. 

We can never walk away from each other, no matter how much s.hit happens between us or we get mad or if we havent talked to each other in a very long time some how we return to each other.

He is the fire sign

I am the water sign

Hopefully Sun shows also it getting better in Summer time. 

Thank you Empres this really does resonate


Thanks , EM

Your reading resonates greatly , thats how it feels currently, blocked and frustrated. I'm the earth sign. He is fire and earth, that's correct.


Amazing as always!!!! Never sugar coats, which I so appreciate. Very detailed and accurate as per usual. I've been coming to her for some time and she her predictions always come to pass. Thank you again my friend. xo


Once again Empress you have nailed it.

Thanks again.


Hi Empress,

I wanted to give feedback since some time went by to see how things will unfold and you were right nothing happened with the guy.


Thank you, much appreciated! I will be seeing him in 3 weeks, the first time since 4 months...we're not dating but we do have feelings for and miss each other. Curious as to how this will all turn out

As for the number 2 & 5...those are the numbers of the train nearby where I live! The 2 train & 5 train lol..He's also 25 years old..well turning 25! :O


Thank you the reading EM! It really resonates. I think she's the impatient one and I, of course, is the dreamy one, thinking that we were "fated" to meet. (My weekly newsletter from Lotus Tarot predicted that I will meet a new love interest last Mar. 12. I didn't think much of it until I read it again and I already saw her, lol)

Well all she knows is that I live near where she was dining, so I guess she assumes that we will bump into each other again. Yes, that is possible, but it depends on the "timing" since we are still strangers. It's actually not a good sign if someone is impatient from the get-go, it makes you think they will rush through the whole getting to know you process.

Too bad she is already taken though. I felt disappointed, lol. The interest dived down a bit, and now it has shifted to a "platonic interest" now. I tend to lose enthusiasm if the person is already taken, so I think I won't be getting in between her relationship. I do feel unstable though, domestic wise and career wise, so I really am not looking for anything serious since it's not practical at the moment.

Thank you for the reading, it was accurrate!


Lol damn u r scary. God u r very talented!

All what u mentioned is correct 100% except the children part lol

But yes im younger. She was a bit defensive. I want to date her but cant.

I really want to fix things but not sure if she wants too. Maybe i will give it few weeks and try to open the line of communication again.



Yes you definitely have picked up on the current situation between us. I'm assuming he's just done since he has pulled back completely and I need to forget about him and move on. Thank you!


We don't always get good news.

At least I won't have delusional expectations ,the fall become much bigger when we do that.Thanks for your help! 💙 I will try to keep my feet on earth.

Ps:It's incredible how you picked the whole think about this guy.It's exactly what have been on my mind for days.SPOT ON!


Yes, he's an ex, now we are just friends. As of right now, I don't know if he's a boss, he was interested in a lead position a few years ago, but wasn't offered the job.

We did meet up 2 weeks ago and that happened around the 6th-25th of this month. Yes, there was a separation for a year and we reconnected late last year. I do get stressed/anxiety when I text him and he doesn't respond back. He actually texted me back yesterday, there's a possibility that we might meet up later week, which would be near June 3rd.


Hey E!

Hope you're ok :)

Just wanted to give a bit of feedback if that's ok.

Ok you mentioned nr 9... curiously after nine days after the reading I had a serious conversation with him about all the things that bother me in that relationship and basically that I'm not happy with him under these circumstances.

We broke up a few days later.

Yesterday the 26th he knocked my door out of the blue cause he was locked out of his apartments and I still had a set of keys so gave them to him.

Wishing you a blessed and lovely Thursday ;)


We're in our 30s, sadly. We did meet online and have common friends too. Yup, one of us is more mature than the other. We sometimes switch, but it's mostly he who f*cks up all the time. :/


Oh well, there was my father in the bank, for 43 years of service in where he became even chief director: he retired the 1st april of this year.

Really bank is one of my griefs, perhaps the prime one. When I asked my father if it would have been likely for me to take the line answer was: < that is not permitted, sir >. Grief was embettered by the fact that I was expecting for it: I was expecting I would not be spared from feeling uncertain and worried about life direction and job, feeling at loss with it, and my worth unrecognized. I had grown disillusioned with university as well, that I think is not my walk of life.

What I am concerning now is to give to enterpreneur. I was adviced as to take specifically the travel agency, for it should be a sector in which innovation and response to rework are needed, and they told me (they don't know at all about astrology, that was my father, which is telling me to do this because it sees it appropriately to me, given my study to be Languages).


Hi Azul! How are you? You did a love reading on me back in February. I wanted to update you a bit..

Well, it seems like the prediction that you gave me panned out the way like you said. He finally reached out to me in April after 5 months of not talking and ignoring my texts.


Amazing as always!!!! Never sugar coats, which I so appreciate. Very detailed and accurate as per usual. I've been coming to her for some time and she her predictions always come to pass. Thank you again my friend. xo


Very different in a good way reading.. Connected to me with very little information given.. Very detailed reading/ predictions..


It was wonderful chatting with you ! So much information and and details ....thank you again :)


You said contact would be around 26th -28th..he contacted me on 22nd :)..3-4 days earlier but it happened :) Update:After 22nd contact happened on 26th as predicted!


I can not begin to explain how accurate Azul is. Her predictions continue to be spot on...and the details and words she uses are precise. I appreciate her insight every time. She is simply amazing.


Always ALWAYS accurate. I love that she does not sugar coat anything. Good or bad, her predictions are always spot on. Thank you again my friend. Talk soon :)


I have been bothering Empress quite often..her predictions are different and detailed and even if they are not so positive i find myself still waiting for the to happen:P..she is very honest and seems like the real deal..just hope that her immediate prediction happens sooner or later..thanks for ur support :)


I had previous good experiences im looking forward to this one.


predictions happened. great reading


By far the most accurate reader here. Even if its seems impossible or not in the person's character...she is 100% correct. She saw things noone else did... worth every penny. I have had readings with her for over a year...she was right every time. Thank you my friend!


extremely accurate


Great reader, very honest and precise. Unfortunately not great news for me, which makes the reading even more reliable :) Thank You!:)


Strangest reading EVER, but in a good way. She was telling me about my ex, spot on, then she said another male figure will pop into the picture. As I am chatting with her, out of the blue, a long time male friend sends me a text asking if he can come down and spend some time with me. WEIRD!!!!


Not necessarily what I wanted to hear but I enjoyed the reading, and the way you delivered sad news gently.. Thank you, and bye for now xx


She's one of a few readers I keep returning for relationship predictions. She's very intuitive and accurate with her current and future predictions. However, she's very uptight with money. Not so generous with her time, but can't blame her because this is business transaction after all. She's also quick at responding to your message for clarification. :-)


Azul is amazing at what she does. I have been coming to her for years for my readings and the readings have always been VERY accurate. She is blunt and tells you everything as she sees it, which many others won't do.


Thanks a lot for reading. I am kind of new to tarot but I am getting amazed at it. Your reading for me is so right. I'm distancing myself from him (and kind of abandoning him too) as I feel hurt. I don't know if he values our relationship or not, so I stay distant. I am so sad at this moment. Your reading has come as a comfort for me. Thanks again and all the best.


thanks a lot! That's exactly what i was told when consulted an astrologer for the upcoming transits and progressions! Exactly! So i hope it becomes true. I'll keep you updated.


Wow! You couldnt have been more SPOT on! He has a were bang on correct. Thanks so much for your lovely reading


As always very honest and accurate! She will let you know the good and bad! Predictions ALWAYS come true for me....Love her! :)


You are absolutely amazing !!! Thank you for always being there for me ! You have a talent like no other !


She is amazing defintiley worth a try. Picked up on so much, and was spot on. Can't wait for her predictions to pass. Very caring


Not exactly what I wanted to hear but was spot on with the situation and people evolved. Would recommend


Thanks for always being honest ! You are the only one never sugarcoated anything about this issue and never gave me false hope .Thanks again :)


thank you, excellent reading. spot on with things and refreshing to find someone really genuine when i have had so many cold readers x


Spot on with the feelings and emotions between each other !!! Thanks again for your honesty !


Have had two prior readings that have unfolded the way she said so far...I just had one question tonight, which she answered clearly. Thank you again! :)


i agree her readings are very different to other people..and u kinda get confused who is who,,the first time i read with her i just got frustrated n left it..but after 6 months when i went back n re read it SHE WAS BANG ON RIGHT WITH EVERYTHING INCLUDING 2nd reading which i had last week was a bit more clear and i understood :) am coming back again ..thnx azul


This woman is so accurate it is mindblowing. She has been always right. I have been coming to her for sometime and she is the only one who sees EVERYTHING. It may not make sense at the moment, but believe me, everything she says resonates, time after time. Amazing gift.


She's amazingly accurate. Thank you.


her readings are very different to others...they will make sense when the time comes but why i come back to her is cz she gives u the brutal ruthless truth which we all need to know at sum point...ill b back


Came back once again because my last reading panned out exactly as she saw - always a pleasure to read with Azul! Thank you!! :)


Thank you for your reading which is quite accurate. I have been married for 35 years. I love my husband but our marriage is good company, we never argue together, have no passion anymore, no sex ( for 10 years...) no kisses, no tender physical approach I met D 12 years ago, fell in love how it is impossible to describe it, lost a lot of weight, we have had a secret relationship, when his wife heard about it, he promised not to have any contact with me anymore but we have never stopped writing each other for 12 years. He made one step forward then two steps behind. He hurt me many times. You are right, I have decided to walk away, to forget him completely but my love to him is too deep, I can't stop loving him and thinking of him day and night. If you say that I will be given a new opportunity to start something with him, it's the most marvelous news that I can hear because I love him. But as you know I am afraid of getting hurt again and again.

Nicole W

I thought I will let you, know that you reading was very accurate ******************************************************************* I (Henri) am the person in the first paragraph As of right now we both are still holding a grudge I want to walk away but don't seem able to as I really want this relationship to take place She is very committed to her family and believes I take too much of her time And is casually seeing another guy who does do demand much of her time


WOW!!! DEAD ON!!!! I just got back yesterday from this trip you explained. I traveled six hours to see my boyfriend, who proposed when I arrived. We enjoyed our time, but got in a fight about his secrecy regarding another woman. We did reconcile, just like you explained, and enjoyed the rest of our time together. Also, when you referred to something legal, I am in the process of starting a small business, and in my thoughts have been the legal concerns regarding how a marriage would have legal strings tied to my own personal business. YOU ARE AMAZING! THANKYOU!!


Awesome reader who quickly tuned into my situation...Will wait for prediction to pass :-)


Awesome reading!!!!! Very direct and honest!


Good reading, a bit different than what im use to but couple things did happened the way she said ...


She was very good and accurate


Great reading like always. She has been very accurate with her predictions and very detailed.


She was very good and accurate


Great reading like always. She has been very accurate with her predictions and very detailed.


My go to girl! Always HONEST! love that about her.


Very detailed and thorough. Have been uncanny and accurate in the past-hopeful this new reading will prove spot on too ♡ thanks!!


vwooow! very accurate with my emotional state. she picks up on both of the persons feelings and i know i can confirm mine. thanks azul! <3


Have had many readings over the years with this angel she has NEVER gave me false hope she always kept it real one of her big predictions came true... didnt want to hear it but she was the only one correct... things did not change as she predicted... I can't thank you enough for always being there and honest..if you want the honest truth have a reading with her... she will not sugarcoat and predictions are always true... You have a talent like none other.. extremely blessed!!!!

Thank you very much! Hey, I wanted to let you know... You did a love reading for me a year ago and it came true... Well, almost, I paid attention to what you said and didn't get involved, so thank you for that. Also, I met him in the timeframe you stated... To the exact date you mentioned, to be honest. Thanks again!


Interesting lady. She gives out a lot of info. Accurate and sincere. Will be back!


Thank you for the forecast! She read for me back in April of 2014, picked up three ongoing situations, spot on each one, including the out come. I enjoy her no nonsense, quick, direct reading style with the nice details.


Very good, caring, honest and generous! UPDATE: her predictions started happening the day after my reading, way before the given timeframe! Incredible :). She is so sweet and truly there for you when needed. Shes doesnt disappear and leave you hanging in tough times! Cant wait to speak again xoxox


Had a previous reading and most of what was predicted came true within 3 weeks! Just back for another reading. Really on point and detailed, will see what happens and will update. Thanks so much.


AWESOME reading. Seriously one of the best that I have had so far. Extremely thorough, and awesome follow up on what was said. I will be back for sure!


very accurate picked on the situation she knew everything :) very kind and generous i will be back on predictions :) thanks!xoxo


Thanks so much! You are truly a gem! Predictions have come true.. Will keep you posted! Thanks again


Well well well...definitely 1000 to 1000, 000, 000 stars madame Azul blue :) Very accurate, like with everything , all all , all. Speechless. One of the best. If not the best in a long long time. For me to write the best, I think it s the first time actually. OMG I so enjoyed being read by you Azul. I felt tinglings all over. You saw clearly thru both of us...and even thru "her". Congrats Azul. It was quite refreshing to read the transcript. I felt very comfortable with you. My respects,, :)


I know the person u think I'm going to date and I also know the third person. THANKU very much. You just wrote all that I know already.


I'm impressed with your accuracy. There is a "friend" from my past that I've been indecisive about. Your reading helped me realize that I need to try to clear things up between us. Thank you so much!


Previous predictions came to pass unfortunately, but she was the only one who predicted a break-up and it happened. I highly recommend this lady she is very accurate.


She stretches her predictions as far as she can...good thing for me they always happen faster like within days most times, Sometimes I'm like "i dont know about that one" a few days later it happens exactly like she said it. I have stopped using all other advisors on here, and everywhere else. The ones that are $20 per minute or more, are not as near accurate as she is...They can't touch her. She is so worth the money and more. She is seriously gifted and I would be lost without her readings and advice. Thanks so much! I have been coming to her for months now and she has never gave me any false hope or predictions that did not happen!! The good, bad and the ugly! Thanks love!!! :)


Had to come back for another read after some time simply because the previous one uncovered plenty. Even had something come about. Definitely a reader to pick. Also makes sure to help you in case something doesnt make sense. So you know for sure that she is genuine and isn't just around for the $. Try her


Very thorough and explains things in detail. Thank you for the reading


Very accurate!


Predictions always come to pass so I don't need to come anywhere but to her


Picked up on my situation ty for your honesty


Thank you so much for the reading. We are only days passed the reading and the reading began to be reality as if by magic. How do you do that! Excellent reading SR


This is really interesting and I think the process of all this has already begun. I am TRYING to forgive him (and one before him actually) but that is much easier said than done. Very good! What you see is already beginning to unfold!!


totally makes sense. you're reading is very accurate in terms of the situation, we don't talk, no communication what so ever. Thank you, you are such a sweetheart, God bless you.