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Quick Lenormand 08-01-17

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Posted by mperezmendez on August 19, 2017 at 3:15 AM

Letter+Clover+Woman[29]+Key+Book An important and lucky message/email for me in regards to reading (already happened after shuffling these the night before/prior - 07-31-17) _____ Stars+Cross+Man[28]+Mice+Dog A difficult message/burden about a man, or for one. Anxiety, nervous may come across as a family member, or boyfriend/love interest - difficulties worries/ed or burdens. Maybe someone spiritual. This bit may tie up to the reading, or may be talking to the man I am currently describing for this person/client. Stars+Cross: Spiritual ideas, fate Base is Ship[3] Update: The man that I may have described here may have been J/the father of my kids. The kids got back a bit before I was about to post this up/save it around 5pm. He bought me something to eat 3 loved ones walked in :). (Cont. from my last private entry) My mom said they didn't have to come back today from their visit to his mom - she was just asking about them on the phone/worried, but it's ok.

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